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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snotty nosed and sniffling

Just a little more on last night's strange meeting. I was typing away in the Internet cafe beside the backpackers, writing to a few friends from my old workplace, DCU. When I left on my careerbreak last July, I was leaving a week after another employee in the HR department, Martin. I would know Martin well enough having worked on his department's website. Anyhow he was also doing some travelling. How that travelling got him to the very same Internet cafe as me, in Dunedin of all places, at the very same time, I will never know, but he walked in just as I was finishing the DCU emails. It turns out he has practically been making the same trip in New Zealand as me on almost the same days (some will see that as explanation enough). Anyhow we went for a pint or two and swapped notes. He heads on to Australia and then Japan next. I think back to meeting Micheal from DCU in the airport when I left, and then Hanlie, my South African friend, in Paris and I wonder. The phrase, 'small world', doesn't cover it.

Last night I read a copy of Empire lying around in the lounge. Some worrying film news. They have finally gotten around to making the long planned adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic sci-fi/horror, 'I am Legend'. Once upon a time they were casting Arnold Schwarzenegger, but now they have settled on Will Smith. Not sure I like the sound of this. What I read about the Arnie version deviated quite a lot from the book and I have no reason to think they've reverted to the original source for this. I still think the much maligned version with Vincent Price, 'The Last Man on Earth', gets an unfairly bad rap. It's as close to the novel as you can get (Matheson wrote the original screenplay, though he disowned it later). Worried.

Suffering now with a cold that has blossomed. Dunedin weather is too much like home to be funny. I will say though that I got a very good feeling about this city when we arrived. It's very European, or rather of the British Isles, and the buildings actually have a look of history about them.



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