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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Done-in in Dunedin

Not much time, so I'll write another list and fill in the details later.

  1. Went to Kiwi Park for shows. Swallowed a brick when rats repeatedly appeared during a conservation show. They were planned; I behaved like a kid at a pantomime.

  2. Got the Queenstown Gondola to the Skyline Complex overlooking the town and lake. Incredible view.

  3. Went on the Luge, a three wheeled plastic cart that speeds down a set track. Chairlift stopped uncomfortably on the way up. Took the scenic, less advanced route for my luge, but felt no need to try the advanced afterwards.

  4. Walked a little of the Ben Lomond Trail, but it would take too long, so I walked back and got the gondola to town.

  5. Met Phillip and German girl, Linda, in the supermarket. Linda has flu or a bad cold, so walked her back to YHA.

  6. Tuna sandwich and olives.

  7. Decided to hike the Fernhill Loop walk, meant to take 3-4 hours. I was advised to go the anti-clockwise route, but mistakenly went the other direction. Very, very steep ascent. Did the main route in 2 hours 20. Back to the hostel in under three hours.

  8. Tired. Laundry, food, shower.

  9. Met Rebecca and Kristina back from Milford Sound.

  10. Out on the tear. Nearly forgot the code for the hostel door.

  11. Home by 4.00. 3 hours sleep.

  12. On the road to Dunedin.

  13. Cd player on bus played my Beck cd. Not the wisest.

  14. Arrived in Dunedin. Hostel reasonable, but understaffed. Lovely Israeli girl on the bus and in the hostel, hee, hee, hee.

  15. Visit to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Yum.

  16. Coming down with a cold.

  17. Sole for dinner.

  18. In Internet Cafe writing emails to workmates at DCU, when a guy who left on a year's break like myself suddenly walks into the Internet cafe. Madness!


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