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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Putting Your Foot In It

  1. Wellington's a pretty messed up place. Women here are beautiful but seem to be intent on being impregnated by Maori. As a result the place seems to be full of single moms studying business with a fear of men because they feel they are seen as a soft touch.
  2. If I hear "Summer of '69" one more time I will hang the DJ.
  3. Casual dress - ie. t-shirts - won't get you into nightclubs. Better sew a collar on your shirt.
  4. To a drunk Irishman Kiwi accents can sound British.
  5. Australian redheads are wiser than their years. They spend their days reading 'property porn'.
  6. Everyone's out for a free drink and drunk Irishmen can be soft touches. We learn though.
  7. Wellingtons do, however, make good quarter pounders with cheese.


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