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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Praise to Buddha!

I left my hotel and suffered another taxidriver's ignorance in getting to Banglamphu. I managed to book a room in the place I wanted, but my new skeletal driver simply couldn't find the street, stopping to ask tuktuk drivers and anyone else he could. Eventually we rang the hotel and arrived 2 minutes later. After plonking down my bags (I have tried again to shed weighty clothes etc.), I had a green curry and went for a walk.

This time I started with a university on the riverside. This was much more pleasant than anything I have encountered yet. Even the food stalls I next came across actually seemed appetizing. They were only part of the story though. Stalls sold everything from shampoo to false teeth! (These may have been ornamental, though I don't know if this makes it more sensible or palatable).

I ended up at the Grand Palace and the temples surrounding the Emerald Buddha. Fabulous buildings. I took off my shoes and viewed the Emerald Buddha, dressed in his gold cloak to keep the cold (what cold?) out. Sadly I got there late and had to leave after an hour, but it made for a better afternoon than yesterday. Easily I made my way back.


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