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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I am not a Morning Person

It is 6 am and we have just arrived, via nighttrain, in Chengdu. We started drinking at 12.50 yesterday afternoon, but thankfully trailed off as we neared 22.30. As opposed to the 'I spy' of the last train (I nearly broke a bottle and slit my wrists), we played charades last night. Fun though.
The night before we had a do-it-yourself meal in the Muslim Quarter. Lots of skewers and rolls of meat which we dowsed in either a spicy or non-spicy side of a boiling large pot.. Then, before heading off yesterday, I wandered through the Muslim Quarter market with Daniel, browsing the stalls etc.. Crazy stuff; Mao watches, little red books, Saddam Hussein playing cards, etc.. All in all Xi'an deserves a good browse. It is a big and interesting city.
Anyhow people are crowding for the computer, and my breakfast has arrived, so I'd better leave off. Suffice to say we see pandas in an hour or so. So long.


At 12:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still no night clubs and drunkeness!! We want some good goss, man.


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