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Friday, March 21, 2008

And I don't watch telly!

There's been some interesting telly of late, so I gave 'Dirty Sexy Money' a chance tonight. Sorry, but I did watch 'Mad Men' a few weeks back and that sets a pretty high bar (and I still don't watch it). 'Dirty Sexy Money' doesn't come close. Diverting, but too light, too early. Maybe I should just tune back in to 'Mad Men'.
And did you know Russell Mulcahy did a remake of 'On the Beach'? Much as I liked 'Razorback', I can't muster the enthusiasm (not a huge fan of the original). Besides Hal Ashby's 'Shampoo' is on (believe it or not, I haven't seen that).
Actually the more I leave the box on, the more I understand why I rarely watch it.


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