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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Having apartment-sat for over four months, it now looks like I'll be taking over. Francisco, the Spaniard, who had occupied the place, is heading back to Barcelona, so I get a chance at taking over the rental. Of course the landlord also took a chance on boosting up the rent, considerably so. Initially justifying some of the hike by promising to renovate, he's now backed out on that, reducing the price slightly, but dodging the promised fix-up. And as to this rubbish report I read today about rents going down! All through the newspaper article there were sprinkled caveats; urban centres may be different, landlords may not have registered their properties. Get real! Most properties are not on any register and rents in urban centres, or more specifically Dublin, are definitely going up if primary source for the report,, is anything to go by. Well, at least I have my space.


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