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Monday, May 04, 2009

The Day After the Days After

It's really been a boozy weekend. My soon to be married brother was at my parents' house when I visited yesterday, so we all ended up in the local. Nice to chat and it was. I ended up stumbling out after 1 and into a taxi.
Today then was a cinema day: 'In the Loop', then 'Wolverine'. 'In the Loop' is funny and biting, 'Wolverine' is far from the disaster the critics have been painting. Certainly neither was a masterpiece, but they allowed me to recuperate gently over the day. Then I started watching an old 50's thing, 'The Magnetic Monster', but was not unhappy when it froze after 30 minutes. Read instead, enjoying the delicate pleasures of a Penelope Fitzgerald novel, 'At Freddies'. Not quite up to the standard of some of her other treasures, but engaging all the same.

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