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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fianna Fail - A Little Party for Little People

I know it's hard to see. Look for yourself when you get a chance and you'll see it's still hard to see.

While at a party last Saturday, someone brought my attention to the current crop of election posters. 'Notice anything about the Fianna Fail posters?' he asked. I hadn't, but asked him to explain. Apparently all Fianna Fail candidates are so ashamed of their party that the 'Fianna Fail' on each poster is almost too small to read. I thought this a very cynical manouveur on the part of our governing party, but I took his word for it, promising myself that I would investigate. Sure enough, he was right. I couldn't resist sallying forth into traffic to get up close and personal with some posters in the centre aisle, snapping on my phone. Take a look at Eoin Ryan's poster above and see how prominent his party persuasion is in comparison with Gay Mitchell (apologies for the quality; it is very poor being late evening with the sun behind). Any other Fianna Fail candidate I have seen also favours this 'less is more' approach. Perhaps everyone has already commented on this and I am playing catch up, but it strikes me as cynical, cowardly and laughable.
As I walked away from my middle of the road (physically speaking) photographic session, who should be walking towards me only Wee Willie O'Dea, he of the Little People. True to the posters, he too had his head low to the ground, I mean lowered to the ground, avoiding eye contact from all and sundry. I thought of accosting him, wondering if perhaps he might accost me in response, but when I looked around he had disappeared, as if to Fairy Land.
Let's hope they get thrashed.


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