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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Dream Life of Snooze

I awoke only to incorrectly reset my alarm clock this morning (I was trying for snooze). I fell straight back asleep only to awake an hour later and damn late for work. Still in that time I had a vivid dream where I was travelling south by train across France. The train stopped at a station where the conductor took my ticket. There was something wrong with it, or my destination, and I had to get the train back north, but before I could board he let my ticket go in a breeze. I got it back, but only as my train started back the way it came. I'd missed it and had to wait in that town. Somehow I got involved with some toffs ending up at a party where the conductor turned up again. Sneezing into his hands he then shook hands with some not very pleased society dames. Still the wine was nice. Pity I had to get to work. There was sunshine over there.


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