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Monday, July 19, 2010

Scared and Feathered

There was a young seagull with a damaged leg in the apartment block underground car park yesterday. Although it couldn't put weight on the leg it could move it, so it may not have been broken. When I approached it it soiled itself, so I was reluctant to try to lift the poor bird up and out of the car park (I didn't want to cause it more anguish). There is a space above that it could fly through, but it didn't look like it could. It didn't look like it could do anything, not even squawk. Defecate was the extent of it. Still I brought it a few slices of bread which it wolfed down; it nearly choked itself trying to consume an entire slice. I broke the bread up. I was worried for its future. This morning the pigeons were eating the crumbs that were left. The seagull itself was gone, but on the plus side there were were no scattered feathers as there might have been had a cat been at work. With a bit of luck....


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