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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catch-up on Books, Movies, etc.

Lots of books read and films watched which, if I muster up the enthusiasm, I will review properly soon. For the moment:

Jonathan Carroll - White Apples - dreadful.
Philip Roth - Nemesis - heart-wrenching.
Octavia Butler - Fledgling - disappointing, if interesting.
Willa Cather - Alexander's Bridge - Wannabe Henry James.

Currently reading Walter Tevis's 'Mockingbird' and assorted pieces by Twain.

Rawhead Rex - so bad, it's bad. A demon wearing a cabbage patch doll for a head.
The Forbidden Zone - bizarre, but it does show how much of an influence Danny Elfman was on Tim Burton.
Harry Potter Yadda Yadda Yadda Part 2 - Far better than Part 1, but then what's left of last week's kippers are too.
The Green Lantern - Strangely slow-moving and dull, but a nice human slant. Better than 'Thor', but then what's left of last week's....
The Tree of Life - as close to a prayer in mainstream cinema as you'll get. Bizarre for many, mesmerising for me.
Unknown - A lot of what you've seen before done pleasantly again.
Paul - Pleasant with some nice sci-fi references, etc..

There was some advertising slot for 'Cars 2' masquerading as a documentary on Pixar shown on BBC3. Is anyone immune to the first ten minutes of 'Up'? They showed a few moments and I had to immediately chop up some onions to maintain some semblance of self-respect. Hell, I'm welling up now!

I finally got to see the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy. Much better than watching the real thing all over again, though they are right with their apology for the third one; it ain't as good as the first two.

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