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Sunday, July 03, 2011


Forget that other sushi place; Ginza on Ohio is the place! Not amazing sushi, just very good stuff, with a great selection. When I asked for Natto Squid (fermented soy beans and squid) the waitress said,"Nah, you don't want that. Try edamame." No, what is Natto Squid and why won't I like it. "Well, it's sticky and slimy and...wait, the chef will show you." He shoed me some sticky slimy brown beans and said few people can stand the smell. Hell, I'll give it ago! As it happens the sliminess is to do with a raw egg thrown into the mess, but not only did I eat it, I liked it! "Oh, you ate it all!"
The sashimi dinner was not as big as that in Palo Alto, but there was a very good selection of fishes. Apparently I had white tuna (and it was lovely) and the mackerel was wonderful! But it wasn't enough for me, so I had a nice yellowtail and scallion maki roll. Lovely!
I was checking the window when I left for the Sunday opening times, but sadly it's closed.
All in all where I'm going when I get back to Chicago! (That and Volare)



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