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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Book of Lists: Abridged

  • Just watched 'Charlie Wilson's War'. Wellmade (as to be expected from Mike Nichol's with a high-powered cast), but very uncritical and not nearly as intelligent as it thinks.

  • Boss retires next week so big party tomorrow night. Mental note: don't get too drunk! Well, that's stupid. Mental note revised: try to be nice drunk.

  • Rental of this apartment nearly completed until the landlord decided to change the agreement we had agreed on. I have revised the revised agreement and await eviction.

  • Feel like I've been on auto-pilot these last few weeks; not much to get excited about.

  • Recently read Martin Amis's 'The Rachel Papers'. Smart writer, but shallower than a stream in the Sahara. Of course, 'shallow' is part of the point of a book that has a truly obnoxious 19 year-old as the protagonist. That we read to the end is testament to Amis's smartness. Or maybe it's just the sex.

  • Gave maths grinds last night to an aunt of mine. Without a steady diet of 'Texts and Tests', my maths mind has melted, my mathematical muscle become mired in mush. But I don't have any exams! Nyah, nyah, nynyah, yah!

  • Thinking about the road to the PhD though...thinking....

  • While staying in my parent's house (they were on holiday), I knocked linen into an inaccessible part of the hotpress (it's big, okay!). My solution? After a coathanger, I resorted to the hoover. It worked.

  • Needing a Nitelink, I hopped on to discover the fare is now €5. I refused such an outrage and paid €15 instead on a taxi. Several days later I realised my buspass would have got me on for free. Drink!!!!!!!

  • Moths! This damn apartment is infested with moths! Damn pine wood furniture!

  • Oh, and congrats yet again to Brian, Deirdre and new baby Caoimhe!

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At 8:37 am, Blogger red said...

Totally agree with you on Charlie Wilson's War.
Nice list.


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