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Friday, June 25, 2010

Limbo - A Good Feeling

I am halfway through my freedom (it's 00.10). I finished my university job at 4.30 and I start the new role in the morning. Really, really wish I had some breathing space, but I'm not going to complain. I'm trying to leave all bad feelings behind. Anyhow after tomorrow there is the weekend and things will calm down in two weeks or so.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Academic Robbery

I was part of a violent heist in UCD last night (another easily interpreted dream). A line of innocents stood at the window ready to be mown down in cold blood. In order to keep me a good guy, my machine gun had no effect. I complained bitterly, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the bullets when I checked. We - the gang - had a conversation with some of the hostages towards the end of the heist (including an old mentor of mine), then we all split up. As I walked briskly to an exit, a security guard saw the guns under my shirt, but rather than stop me he joked that I should send him a million and waved me on.
This version of UCD was right across the road from the sea. I ended up in a ferry terminal trying to hide among the passengers. I had a conversation with a couple of girls, though I can't remember the subject. When they all started to board I took my leave again walking out the side of the building on to the beach. I think I awoke then.
Shame about those bullets.
Just as well I finish work tomorrow, huh?


Dream On

Sometimes dreams are so literal as to be dull. After my walk home listen to my phone's music last Friday, I awoke to find my hearing had gone muffled. I checked my phone and discovered I'd pushed the volume up to eleven. That my new job begins on Friday and the University won't let me go until Thursday completes the picture. There's more, much more, but it's all too literal to go into. That supreme work of fiction, 'The Interpretation of Dreams', would most definitely not have seen the world in its current form if I had been one of Freud's patients.


Gutting Chickens

This morning I dreamt that I had just landed in Chicago and had a job opportunity gutting chickens. When I rang about the post I believed I had gotten an answering machine; I couldn't hear too well. Later I rang again and discovered I had actually gotten through the first time. The volume on the phone was so low though that I hadn't heard my prospective boss. Now, faintly, she told me to fornicate off. To her credit she did voice a concern that gutting chickens might not be my thing. I was a little disappointed and a little relieved; I don't think gutting chickens would have been my thing.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Walking Home Drunk

I'm drunk and walking from the Porterhouse North into the City Centre. How's this for a playlist:
Dario Marianelli - Pride and Prejudice - 'Stars and Butterflies'
The Blue Nile - Stay
Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out (Twice)
Part of soundtrack to 'Fur' (Carter Burwell)
String Quartet version of Radiohead's "Street Spirit"
Miklos Rozsa 'Spellbound'
Radiohead's 'Subterranean' Acoustic
Eel's 'Going over to Susan's House'
Sibelius's 'Swanwhite'
And when I got home do you know what was next? John Martyn's 'Sweet Little Mystery'.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Watch that Space

I was invited along to the new National Conference Centre on Saturday. An impressive venue. It has a lovely auditorium, no doubt to be wasted on business types.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Coincidence No 787655

Years ago I took some creative writing classes while studying. There were two mentors. The one that wasn't mine has now become my boss in my new job.
Last Wednesday I was to meet with this boss at her office in town (I start the role in three weeks or so). Coming to the street the office is on brought back a lot of old memories. A good friend of mine, also a participant in my creative writing class, used to live on this street. I haven't seen her in over ten years as she left the house and took herself off to India. I wondered what had happened to her as I rounded the corner on to that street. And saw her there with her young daughter. These days she's doing a masters in creative writing.


The Book of Eye

Just watched 'The Book of Eli'. No amount of Leone references or even an appearance by Tom Waits can save this wannabe biblical western. Sadly junk.
Coincidence No.67544
Coming home from my parents Tom Waits came on the radio singing "God's Away on Business". Apt.
Watched "Eagle Eye" earlier. It's pretty obvious how a test audience response led to the weak tacked-on ending. Show some courage Hollywood! Anyhow no amount of 2001 references or Hitchcockian moments can save this wannabe sci-fi conspiracy theory. Preposterous.
What the hell's going on?

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Checking In

Finally a new job! I start in just over three weeks. The last few weeks, between launching the new website, getting interviewed, new lease on the apartment, arranging various things etc., has been hectic. It's not letting up either and I don't see when I'll get any holidays, but I'm out and on to stranger things.
Last weekend socialising was just as crazy with two 30th parties and a christening (that time of life, I guess). And at this time of life, I can tell you I suffered nastily on Saturday and had to go relatively easily the next two occasions. I suppose there'll be a going away party soon too...