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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Omen - eh, not the Movie

I went viewing some apartments today, from a buying point of view (though I still believe prices have some way to go yet before they're even close to being acceptable). Before leaving, I took a brochure, a floorplan and a two-page price guide that I tucked carefully into the brochure. As I left the building, and I kid you not on this, the price guide somehow got blown into the air (remember it was tucked in the brochure), split into two, the two pages screaming separately away in laughter. (Okay, the laughter bit I made up.) I managed to reclaim one sheet, but the other page detailing the one-beds, the one I wanted, disappeared into the void, a.k.a. Dublin City.
To my dying day I will hear that demoniacal laughter....


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